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Luke Warm has been working as a cartoonist since 1990 when his social and political Fence Sittin' cartoon strip ran weekly for 2 years in Mmegi newspaper in Botswana jointly winning the Botswana Press Trust cartoon award.

Since then his cartoons, cartoons strips and illustrations have been published by most national newpapers in the UK and Ireland including the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Irish Times and syndicated by the Press Association.  His drawings have also been used in magazines, advertising, in books and on websites.

He's also drawn thousands of caricatures (as featured in the Caricatures part of this website), lectured at the Open University and written and illustrated his own children's picture book - published by Macmillan in 2000.

You can see examples of some of the many cartoon ideas he can offer by clicking on the headings to the left.

(Updated 2019)